Haitian Delight

Here at Haitian Delight we exclusively select only the highest quality beans, grown on centuries old native Haitian coffee trees from the high mountains of Grand-Anse on the Western Peninsula, in ancient volcanic soil. This is the purest form of natural organic farming on earth. Haitian bleu coffee growers hand pick the coffee cherries, using shade-grown farming methods and wet processing techniques to yield these unique blue-green colored beans. Those who buy Haitian coffee are helping support our Mission work in Haiti.

Haitian Delight Gourmet Vanilla

Haitian Delight Premium Gourmet Vanilla Concentrate is only made from hand selected vanilla beans and has more than double the flavor of standard vanilla extract. This isn’t just any vanilla extract. In Haiti there is a long tradition of soaking the beans in dark rhum.  This gives Haitian vanilla a stronger and spicier aroma and is what sets it apart for the rest of the world’s extracts.  We are committed to bringing you the finest Haitian Vanilla. You won’t want to bake without it!